A new free standing AquaVeil® for both permanent installations and for hire.

Gent London

Fashion and Events

Project Scope:
Design a new style of AquaVeil® suitable as a backdrop for a fashion event.

Services Provided:
Design, Manufacture, Event Set up and Dismantle.

Contract Value (£):
£5K + vat for Hire

Gent London

Gent London


The AquaVeil® has been designed in three styles for permanent installations. The challenge was to maintain the same unique look and luxury appeal of AquaVeils® permanent installations but with the ability to move in component form to the venue, set up ready for the event and removal afterwards. Due to the requirement of a temporary installation, The AquaVeil® needed to be free standing and not fixed to the building in any way. The overall feel of the water wall had to be glamorous and embellish the setting of the fashion event.

It was apparent the event hire water feature industry was uninspiring without changes in design, quality or style for many years. Generally speaking being the same as you see at garden centres. The AquaVeil® brings a breath of fresh air to the event and exhibition industry.


The approach was to minimise any changes to the overall style of the AquaVeil®, and maintain all the important aspects and the emotions when you see it. This includes the unique water effect, the luxury feel of the surround, delicate nature of the Veil and its specially developed lighting system.

The supporting frame of the water wall was modified slightly to enable free standing through a system within the reservoir, out of sight. Minimal adjustment at the top of the frame created symmetry to the design and embellished the AquaVeils mesh and its unique water effect.

Never done before, the reservoir and framework was painted in white which made a significant difference to the products appearance making it fit perfectly into the dressing of the venue.


The fashion event was a big success and the AquaVeil® played a big part in this. The fashion business is fearlessly competitive and requires an edge to stand out from their competitors. A number of different aspects are required to deliver the full experience their customers aspire to, from sound systems, lighting, flowers, staging to name a few, but all of these are standard. The need for something different to give an edge is paramount.

Water creates an emotion that can't be replicated without loosing its authenticity and the inner emotion that it provokes in people. Static props in a venue can create a mood and level of expectation but water brings movement and with it attention. The Unique Vivid Effect of the AquaVeil® with its embossed water pattern is elegant but at the same time mesmerising. It stopped people in their tracks when walking by and drew them in for photos in front of the water feature. It was the perfect backdrop for the models with their fashion clothing, with the movement of water making the models stand out, but at the same time enhancing the luxury feel and elegant design to impress prospective buyers. Before and after the event pictures were taken in front of the water feature by influencers, the press and photographers, a great asset for the customers social media photography and with the water movement perfect for their video.

A successful night for all and we look forward to bringing more to the industry.

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